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Veganuary is here


Since we bought Stonecroft in 1989, we have concentrated on offering quality gourmet food for all, especially vegetarians, vegans and those on medical diets.

With the New Year comes tons of resolutions and January has become known to many as Veganuary.   If you’re thinking of trying a vegan diet in 2016, you might want to join us and take the Veganuary pledge to help you out.

Veganuary is a worldwide campaign encouraging people to try out a vegan diet for 31 days in the new year. The idea behind the project is a smart one: after all of the December indulgences, why not kick off the new year with a healthier diet?

After all, a vegan diet has not only been proven to help lower levels of cholesterol, blood-pressure, as well as the risks of diabetes and cancer more than our meat-eating peers.

Veganuary comes from a U.K.-based husband-and-wife team, Matthew Glover and Jane Land, who started it back in late 2013, and which officially launched last year..

We are still catering for everyone, and our menus are all still totally gluten free, but we have today launched our new Veganuary menu in addition to our regular menus.  If you fancy dipping your toes into a vegan lifestyle or would just like to see how delicious vegan food can be, why not take a look at our veganuary menu page then give us a call and book your room?


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