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Snow, snow and yet more snow

Its been a cold and very wintry few weeks, and Edale is looking decidedly like something from the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Everywhere is snow covered and this weekends guests were up to their thighs in it yesterday.

Edale is beautiful at any time of year, but is especially magical at the moment.  The road out of the valley over Mam Tor, Rushop Edge and even Winnats Pass to Castleton are still closed, and the Snake Pass has only just opened after a couple of weeks.

The above photo, taken by Mick Ryan in the past few days shows the road from Mam Nick towards Upper Booth and Jacobs Ladder.

To some, this would be a massive hindrance, but we are used to the fact that we sometimes can’t get out and about, and are always prepared for bad weather.  My car hates the snow, so is snug in the corner of the car park until better weather, and I have kept myself busy designing menus and planning for the summer.  The Kinder Suite is about to have a new colour scheme in the next few weeks, and the garden makeover will continue once we can actually see it beneath the white stuff!

Despite the snow and odd road closures, January has been a record month for bookings, and we have welcomed many guests old and new who have been determined not to let it spoil their enjoyment.

Photo: The view from the dining room this morning.  (Excuse the phone wires)<br /><br /><br /><br />
Edale is beautiful at any time of year.

This is the view from the Dining Room yesterday.  (excuse the wires…  a quick snap on the Ipad).

If you are planning a trip to the Peak District in the next few weeks, remember it’s not just a pretty place.  It is wild and bleak out there and if you are planning on walking whilst here, make sure you are properly dressed and have good knowledge of using a map and compass.  The local Mountain Rescue team has been out just about every day since Christmas.. they do an amazing job, and don’t get paid…  If you want to see just what their work is like, take a look at the latest call out a couple of days ago….  (also note it involved 21 people and 63 man hours!)..  these guys deserve a medal.

Mountain Rescue link (click)


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