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New Year, New beginnings…

Firstly, I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and exciting New Year.

We had a lovely time with family and friends at Stonecroft, our grandson’s first Christmas to celebrate and far too many presents to unwrap in one day.  Now the festivities are over for another year and the decorations are packed away in the attic and we are planning all the exciting events that are coming in 2015.

Although last year was our busiest in 25 years, 2015 is  already promising to be amazing with a record number of bookings coming in already and it is only January!

Being the beginning of the year and having generally consumed far to much over the festive period, I personally am feeling decidedly like a blob… no energy, overweight and uncomfortable, which for me leads to depression, and eating to compensate… not a good way to go really.  With the aim of getting fit and healthy again in time for a family holiday (which is coming around very quickly) and hopefully a family wedding (if they get round to organising it), I have embarked on a healthy eating plan and am thoroughly enjoying fresh fruit smoothies, lovely tasty vegan dinners and lots and lots of veggies cooked in so many different ways.  I am experimenting with new recipes every day and finding healthy gluten free options as I go.  Obviously this will be reflected in the Dinner Menu if past experiences are to go by…

I recently had one of those “lightbulb” moments…. we all have them I know, but following on from the one I had in the summer which resulted in my closing my other business in order to follow a better less stressful lifestyle, I have decided to design a different type of menu as well.    At the moment all I can say is, it will be fun, healthy, designed with vegetarians, vegans and those on “Free From” diets in mind (yes I know we already specialise in that, but this will be EXTRA special)  and I am really excited about it.. It is in the early stages of planning but more will be announced soon.

Meanwhile I am feeling enthused and excited about the coming year (of course that could be all the goodies in the latest smoothie kicking in).  The sun is shining out there  and this weekend sees the famous Spine Race starting in the village.    We have been fully booked for many months with guests who are participating….  I wish them luck…  secretly I admire them for their energy and being fit enough to do it..  Its one of the most difficult races there is in the UK.


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