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Gluten Free Accreditation at Stonecroft , Edale

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Gluten Free Accreditation at Stonecroft, Edale, with top marks for the second year running.  Our guests can feel safe in the knowledge that their food is purchased, stored, cooked and served in a safe environment and that we do all we can to avoid any possible risk of cross contamination from gluten containing items.  In order to be awarded Accreditation, it is necessary to comply with all the laws and regulations for safe food handling and preparation, and the assessment involves an extremely detailed inspection of the house and food areas: the Dining room, Kitchen, food storage areas and equipment and then a detailed discussion about the procedures and protocols that are in place.  It is not an easy award to obtain and involves many hours of paperwork as well as complying with the Food Standards regulations.  We believe it is worth all the work however as it reassures our guests and from personal experience we know what a difference this can make to a holiday.

Gluten Free Accreditation for Stonecroft Country Guesthouse
Gluten Free Accreditation for Stonecroft Country Guesthouse

Our menus are gluten free and we happily cater for most dietary requirements. We are currently planning our Spring Dinner and Simple Supper menus so keep an eye our for our latest announcement and exciting new dishes.

Your host is an award winning chef who is also a lactose intolerant vegetarian and a diagnosed Coeliac.   She understands fully how frustrating and upsetting it can be to go away on holiday and not be able to find something to eat.  In recent years a Gluten Free diet has sadly become known as a fad diet simply because of a celebrity or two who decided it made you thin!  (the majority of us who are diagnosed coeliac will testify that when we follow a gluten free lifestyle, we actually put on weight)!

On the plus side, this means that supermarkets have jumped on the band wagon and designed a lot more gluten free ready meals and snacks than every before, but on a negative side, these are generally packed full of chemicals and sugars and aren’t very healthy at all.   Through personal experience we have seen many chefs with the impression that everyone on a Gluten Free diet is simply following a fad diet.  This can not only be very bad news for those of us who need a gluten free diet for medical reasons, but is effectively dilutes the perceived necessity for care in the kitchen environment.

At Stonecroft, we believe in clean, healthy eating. To quote Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall in the forward to a recent cookery book, “To remove these elements (gluten), should simply shift ones focus to the thousands of other fantastic foods that are very much on the menu”. ….  We think he’s got it right!

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