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Are are pleased to announce that officially “We’re good to go”!

We have carried out all the relevant assessments and Risk Assessments in order to minimise the effects of Covid19 for our guests and have been awarded the “We’re good to go” certificate through the Covid19 Industry standard and Visit England.


We have a very complicated and extensive list of protocols in place to ensure the safety of our guests at the current time, but in brief, the most noticeable differences are listed below.

We do hope  our guests will appreciate that we are welcoming guests back in a responsible way, but this is not a one way street.  We also expect our guests will act in a responsible way towards us, our staff, and others they meet during their holiday.

Each and every business you will visit has re opened but they are also having to make alterations to their business in order to serve you.  You might find limited menus, extra restrictions, and precautions and delays because of these.  Please be patient.  We have all been in lockdown and all this is as new to us as it is to you.

You will be asked for information you might not normally give in order to comply with the government Track and Trace protocols.  A lot of  establishments will have to record your name and address, and store the information for a maximum of 21 days in accordance with GDPR. Why not make life a little easier and speed up service by printing out slips (and store in plastic bags until required to minimise contact) with your name and address and the names of those in your party?

The changes we are making at Stonecroft to keep our guests safe:

There will be additional signage throughout Stonecroft to promote best practice between guests and staff regarding Social distancing and hygiene recommendations.

Although only a small establishment, wherever possible we are limiting the number of rooms let, in order to limit the number of guests and reduce the numbers in the dining room.

We normally offer a much more personal service to our guests, preferring a more one to one approach over modern technology, but this is not appropriate at the current time, so we apologise in advance for a more “distant” approach for the time being.  Guests will be asked to complete their booking form prior to arrival, and this will include information regarding health and safety whilst at Stonecroft.

Being an old period property, we cannot install keyless key card systems, but keys are sanitised prior to guests checking in and provided in plastic wrapping.

Your Guest Information folder will still be in your room (you will find it sanitised and wrapped on arrival) but it will also be sent to you digitally prior to check in.

Payment is requested by debit of credit card and an invoice will be emailed on departure if required.


We will take all necessary measures to reduce contact, ensure hygiene standards and social distancing. These include:

Catering for allergy and lifestyle diets, we have always operated a pre ordering system for breakfast, and this will continue.

Breakfast service times will be extended.  Breakfast will be available from 8 – 9.30am daily.

The breakfast buffet table will not be available.   Orders will be taken for cereals /  fruits /  yogurts etc to avoid the risk of cross contamination.

Breakfast service has always been full service at Stonecroft – a real virtue under Covid-safe rules but we are considering requesting that guests book a time slot to spread the flow.

Although guests normally dine “Country House style” socialising around one large table, we will be changing to individual tables in line with the latest guidelines.  The lounge and garden will be open with guests expected to respect social distancing.

Our kitchen remains a gluten free  /  vegetarian kitchen and separate equipment etc is always used for those with allergies.


In your bedroom, everything has always been deep cleaned and sanitised prior to arrival but in future there will be a few extra precautions to reassure our guests:  Your guest information pack will be wrapped after sanitising, and for the time being we are removing the tourist information leaflets from the bedrooms. As well as handmade natural soap, we have hand sanitisers for every new guest.

If you use a blanket or hair dryer please leave it on the bed after use and do not return it to its bag.

All soft furnishings will be sanitised prior to guest arrival but if you would prefer any cushions to be removed, please let us know in advance.

Public Areas

Whilst Social Distancing is required, wherever possible we will restrict our capacity unless a booking is for a small family group (we can only accommodate a maximum of 5 guests at the current time anyway). Public area usage will rely on the safe actions of all guests and staff.

Public areas are always cleaned thoroughly daily, but we are increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitising surfaces.  Sanitiser will be placed in public areas for guests use.

We will still offer drying facilities but will ask guests to place wet and dirty clothes in a bag (provided) and we will then ensure staff are suitably protected before handling them.

We are aware that the situation is changing daily, and everything feels like a balancing act between health and safety and our guests wanting to feel safe and relaxed on holiday.  We continue to work with new measures as they are announced daily to ensure we are as COVID19 safe as possible but we also ask that guests play their part and be respectful to other guests too.

Our supply chain

We take all responsible steps to follow the Government Covid19 Secure Workplace guidelines and are communicating with all our key suppliers to ensure that their protocols comply with the latest government standards.

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