We know first hand how a holiday cant be ruined because we couldn’t get anything to eat, or because what had been served was a token gesture (or worse still, made us ill).

At Stonecroft, our guests are loved, are special to us, and we aim to make them feel safe in the knowledge that we do everything in our power to avoid the allergens that might cause upset or a reaction.

  • We operate a gluten free kitchen.
  • We have been awarded gluten free accreditation from Coeliac Uk in both 2016 and 2017.  Although we have not applied for accreditation yet in 2018, we still comply with all the regulations required.
  • We design our menus from the bottom up:  rather than designing a dish then removing allergens, we start with an allergen free dish and add items to suit our guests requirements.  This means just about every item on our menu can be adapted for most diets / allergies by either omitting or substituting ingredients.
  • We do have gluten free oats on the premises – although oats do not contain gluten, when they are milled there is often contaminantion in the air which means they are not suitable for gluten sensitive /  coeliac guests.  Our oats are certified gluten free in that they are processed in an uncontaminated area.   Oats do however contain a protein called avenin, and some people have IgG or IgE antibodies which means they still react to oat proteins…  For those guests, we can substitute rice and quinoa flakes instead.
  • We have separate storage areas and use separate utensils /  tins / boards etc for those with food allergies.
  • Every dish is prepared and cooked separately and to order.  No two dishes share the same tins etc.  For allergy guests, we use separate ovens / grills etc.
  • We do have nuts on the premises but they are sealed and stored separately to normal ingredients.
  • We are aware of, and can cater for the 14 major allergens but if you have any other allergies we are happy to work with you to provide you with a varied and interesting menu.
  • We have a selection of different dairy free milks and dairy free spread, but if you have a preference please let us know in advance so we can ensure that we have your favourite brand in stock.
  • We have some experience of Low Oxalate and FODMAP diets also…  but each of these diets is individual to the person, so if you are following any of these please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.
  • Although gluten, wheat, dairy and eggs appear to be the most common allergens in foods at this current time, we are very aware that many guests react to onions, monosodium glutamate, xanthum gum, lupin and other modern day parabens and allergens.  No matter what your food issues might be, or for whatever reason you avoid eating something, we will do our best to take away the stress of eating whilst away from home……

Just remember….  TELL US, ASK US and we will get to work…..

As a final note… and probably the most reassuring after reading all the above…  Your host / chef  is a long diagnosed coeliac and has been a lactose intolerant vegetarian for many years…  She is now vegan since discovering a severe intolerance to eggs…   in other words…  We DO understand quite a bit about food allergies and intolerance…  and we arent just saying it!

Gluten Free Accreditation for Stonecroft Country Guesthouse