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Another award for Stonecroft

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we were today awarded Gluten Free Accreditation at Stonecroft.

Gluten Free Accreditation for Stonecroft Country Guesthouse
Gluten Free Accreditation for Stonecroft Country Guesthouse

Eating away from home is perhaps the biggest challenge facing people with coeliac disease. Increasingly, in every aspect of life, people eat and drink on the go. For people with coeliac disease, eating out can be challenging and at times frustrating and the biggest issue is how to eat with confidence outside the home – where they are no longer in control.

A recent survey highlighted that people with coeliac disease still feel that eating out is a lottery and that many eating out establishments lack knowledge and understanding about offering safe food. (I had personal experience of this only this week, when i questioned the gluten free cakes in one local cafe displayed uncovered next to gluten containing cakes.  I was (patronisingly) told that his wife was a nurse and that she had told him that gluten couldn’t travel from one cake to another…. obviously the chef had never heard of cross contamination……  not only will i not be returning but i will not be recommending it to my guests). 

We have been catering for Coeliacs for the past 18 years (since I was diagnosed myself), so I have many years of experience catering for a gluten free diet.  It has never been an issue to me, as not only am I coeliac, I am also vegetarian, and lactose intolerant.  Hubby is vegetarian, and is intolerant to a lot of foods, and youngest daughter, also vegetarian is gluten sensitive, and allergic to onions and fructose…  As you can imagine, we are used to being creative with food in our house.

It was a great honour to be awarded third place in the Free From Eating out awards in 2014, and I thought the paperwork for that was involved…  however that was nothing compared to the depth of information that we had to cover for the accreditation.  The inspection audit was extremely thorough, and they went through everything, into every cupboard, examined every fridge, freezer and their contents…

By gaining accreditation, we have proved that we are keeping to the strict laws and standards surrounding Gluten Free foods, and our guests can be reassured that during their stay with us they can feel reassured that their dietary requirements will be met….  and we won’t offer a “token” gesture, moan about your diet, or consider you an inconvenience….  we have dedicated menus for you, your food is stored, prepared and cooked specially for you, and away from gluten containing foods.

The future is looking brighter and brighter for those following Gluten Free and Free From diets, and we are so excited to be part of it….


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