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Gluten Free and free from places to eat and stay

As a lot of you know I won the guesthouse category of the Free From Eating out awards last year. This was quite an achievement and I know my guests have found it reassuring and proof that I do know what I am doing when it comes to catering for special diets… Free From is not just gluten free, but catering for and being aware of all allergies.    I am not entering this year due to personal commitments but am following the awards closely on Facebook.

As I was recently being taken on a “surprise” holiday, ( I had listed a few of the places I would like to go, bearing in mind that we couldnt leave the UK with father in law being very ill, and that we might have to rush home at any moment), I did a bit of research for places to eat, and it suddenly occurred to me that all the places that have been shortlisted for this years awards are listed on their page. Not only Guesthouses but cafes, fish and chip shops, hotels, and restaurants. I have now made a note of all these places for future reference as common sense says, if they have reached the shortlist they can’t be too bad can they?

I am also planning a couple of short breaks soon so the guest houses section has already proved very useful as well…

Why not check out the free from eating out awards page and do the same? If you try somewhere nice that you have stayed at and like it, then please list it here and if it is a restaurant or cafe etc please list it on the other gf places to eat pages on FB.

Not only would this be a great way of giving a boost to these places who have worked so hard at getting where they are, but it will help others looking for places to go.

PS The Isle of Skye is brilliant for Gluten Free foods and even the tiniest remotest croft serving teas had gluten free cakes and soya milk…. however they went into meltdown over the word vegetarian…  I didnt even dare mention vegan… I have never had so many lettuce leaves in my life!

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